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Block Management

Castle Estates  Block Management Division specialises in the management of smaller blocks of flats of up to 50 units. This is an area which many of the larger property management companies prefer not to deal with. Each block under management is allocated its own dedicated manager who has sole responsibility for all management and maintenance aspects of the block.

Castle Estates also acts as Company Secretary when required usually when the landlord is a right to manage company. In this position we take care of  all the statutory requirements with Companies House.

We also have extensive experience with LVT hearings and  freeholder/leaseholder disputes. Recourse to legal action is always a last resort  and the great majority of disputes are resolved through negotiation.

We place great emphasis on saving costs for clients by regularly evaluating expenditure on your property,  We monitor cleaning and gardening costs to ensure value for money. We also ensure that energy expenditure is minimised by switching to the cheapest supplier when required.

Communication with directors of freehold companies is very important and happens on a weekly basis. Directors are also involved in the setting of charges and allocation of spending priorities.

Communication with leaseholders is just as important and service charge statements are sent out regularly so all know where their money is being spent.

Changing your property manager is not  difficult and we can help you to do this if required. We can also help if residents want to set up a right  to manage company to take control of a property and run it for their benefit.